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Make Lasting Memories With White Dove Releases
with sandollar white doves!

About Our White Doves

Our Doves Are Well Loved!

White dove releases are an uplifting and joyous way to commemorate special events.

We have been raising flocks of white rock doves and doing releases for many years, primarily in Arizona before re-locating to the Tri-Cities a few years ago.  We never tire of the joy they bring to our audience as the birds circle and soar!  They touch and warm the heart in a way unlike any other.

Only the white rock dove is used for special events; they are born with a natural homing instinct and we nurture that instinct with training.  Today, the loft at Sandollar Farms can hold up to 100 doves; additionally we have a breeding loft where we can raise up to 10 youngsters every 60 days.  Much time is spent in feeding and caring for the birds, and in training the youngsters to soar with their friends.  We typically fly them every day from different place so they become used to flying in a variety of locations and weather conditions.